Passion is the origin of our creativity, because we love what we do and do what we love!


To inspire customers with performance is our conviction from which real service arises.

That is why we are “The Service Company”.    

About MillerKnoll

MillerKnoll has a long history of pioneering the industry and making a lasting impact on global furniture design. Commitment to design, innovation, world-class operational processes, sustainability and social responsibility define the company’s profile.

We are proud to be part of the worldwide MillerKnoll family and represent the complete brand portfolio as Associated and Trusted Global Account Dealer for Switzerland.

Our fascination with MillerKnoll and its design brands stems from the uniqueness of its history, the design legends who work/have worked for MillerKnoll and the reimagining of modern design in the 21st century.

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MillerKnoll`s brands are at the forefront of design - and has been for over 100 years.

MillerKnoll wants you to do great things. That's why they create problem-solving designs that are as beautiful as they are useful.

There are many demands on an interior. MillerKnoll manages to unite them in a unique way.
Design meets comfortable, functional as well as visually appealing solutions that will inspire you.


An interior should be memorable not only in an aesthetic way,
but should also be functional, ergonomic and practical. All

these qualities are combined in our products.

The customer journey starts with the first contact, but real customer satisfaction comes with implementation and service after day two.

is not just a slogan, but our philosophy.
52 years of success are the result of gratitude
and the joy of being there for our customers.
The trust our customers place in us
is the reward for our daily commitment.
Companies need to rethink the structure of their office landscapes and adapt them to the new conditions:
Fewer individual workstations, but more opportunities for meetings and retreats for exchanges among colleagues.
Hybrid workplaces are on the rise and often make hotdesking unavoidable. The IT infrastructure must become more flexible and secure.
At the same time, HR is challenged to find solutions that make employees happy to return to work.

With Smart Office, we implement digital solutions so that new working environments also become intelligent and measurable.

Our online store  presents selected furnishing products for professional office use, which we ourselves use and recommend within our numerous projects.
Because we are not just online dealers, but professionals who combine their online offer with experience, know-how and service.
No matter if online, by phone or personally in our showroom.
And if you can’t find something – challenge us!

A collective of dynamic brands that unites people, values and the strengths of our joint work.

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Technician + Logistic

Nach der Arbeit widme ich mich meinem Hobby Modellbau und bin im Bastelraum oder auf dem Flugplatz aufzufinden.


Project Leader

Holz ist meine Leidenschaft!

Als gelernter Zimmermann durfte ich während meiner drei Jahren Wanderschaft unterschiedlichste Arbeitsweisen, Materialien und kulturell geprägte Designsprachen kennenlernen. 

Das Arbeiten mit dem Werkstoff Holz in seiner Vielfältigkeit fasziniert mich immer wieder aufs Neue.


Technical Manager

Vernetzung von Technik, Ergonomie und Menschen ist das, was mich an unserer Arbeit begeistert. Privat ist Paartanz meine Leidenschaft – von Disco-Fox zu Latin über Rock n’ Roll bis Boogie Woogie.

Nadine Zumbrunn

Interior Designer

Account Manager

Ich sehe mich als Geschichtenerzähler.

Die Kunden beauftragen mich, ihre Biografien zu schreiben, aber anstelle von Worten verwende ich Stoffe, Möbel, architektonische Elemente und natürlich persönliche Gegenstände.

Priska Bauer-Heeb

Interior Designer

Möbel sind meine Leidenschaft und der Umgang mit Design, Funktion, Farbe, Material und Oberflächen ist seit mehr als 25 Jahren Teil meines Berufes, den ich nicht missen möchte.

Office Zug bietet mir als Produkt Manager Digital Retail eine Aufgabe, in der ich all mein Wissen und meine Lust am «Möbeln» einbringen kann.


Head of Department

Die Faszination meiner Aufgabe liegt sowohl in der Vielfalt unserer Projekte als auch in derer unserer Kunden.

Verschiedenste Anforderungen, Ziele und Kulturen verlangen eine hohes Mass an Empathie und Kommunikation.

Der Zuspruch und die Zufriedenheit unserer Kunden ist die Belohnung für ein perfektes Team .