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When Carol Catalano was seven years old, she spent six weeks in bed with rheumatic fever. “To keep me from being bored, my dad gave me several books on drawing,” she recalls, “and they opened up a whole new world for me. That’s when I decided I wanted to do something creative in my life.”

Her creative interest found a focus when she entered the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) after secondary school and discovered industrial design. “After the first project, I knew I had found my life’s work,” she says.

Catalano says the training she received at RISD added a whole new dimension to her creativity. “They had a very hands-on approach, so I worked a lot with materials in the machine and wood shops.” In fact, that hands-on training proved valuable when she was working on her Capelli stool. “One of the requirements for the International Furniture Design Competition in Asahikawa (Japan) was to build a full-size prototype,” says Catalano, “which we did: in my garage.”

The effort paid off: her stool took a Silver Prize in the prestigious competition in 1999, one of only eight awards given and the only American design selected from over 700 entries from around the world.

“I love giving artistic expression to things I’ve learnt,” she says, “and I’m always looking for ways to ’cross-pollinate”.’
– Carol Catalano

Catalano has applied her creative talents to a wide variety of products since founding her business in 1987; current design projects range from “gig” bags for toting musical instruments to high-end audio speakers and other consumer electronics.

She finds learning about new industries to be one of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of her job. “I love giving artistic expression to things I’ve learnt,” she says, “and I’m always looking for ways to ’cross-pollinate”.’ Just the other day, for example, I was meeting with a thermoplastics supplier, and he was showing me the elastomer pellets in their raw state before they’re melted down and injection-moulded. My immediate reaction was to think, how can we use these pellets in other applications?”

Catalano likes to push the current boundaries of her field and has made a commitment to include much more thinking about the end user’s experience in all her designs. “It’s much different now than when I first started out,” she says. “It used to be about just creating a good design. Now the first thing I think about in any project is how I can simplify and enrich people’s lives.”

With the energy and enthusiasm she shows for her work, it’s clear that Catalano loves the career path she’s chosen. In her time away from the office, she and her husband, an architect, enjoy windsurfing on a little island off the coast of Venezuela and spending family time with their twins.

Catalano Design, Boston

ID Annual Design Review, Honourable Mention, 2000
International Furniture Design Competition Asahikawa, Silver Prize, 1999
Exhibitor Magazine First Place Design Award, 1990
ID Magazine Annual Design Review, Best of Category in Consumer Products, 1987
Rhode Island School of Design Industrial Design Department, Thomas Edison Award for Excellence in Design and Invention

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Technician + Logistic

Nach der Arbeit widme ich mich meinem Hobby Modellbau und bin im Bastelraum oder auf dem Flugplatz aufzufinden.


Project Leader

Holz ist meine Leidenschaft!

Als gelernter Zimmermann durfte ich während meiner drei Jahren Wanderschaft unterschiedlichste Arbeitsweisen, Materialien und kulturell geprägte Designsprachen kennenlernen. 

Das Arbeiten mit dem Werkstoff Holz in seiner Vielfältigkeit fasziniert mich immer wieder aufs Neue.


Technical Manager

Vernetzung von Technik, Ergonomie und Menschen ist das, was mich an unserer Arbeit begeistert. Privat ist Paartanz meine Leidenschaft – von Disco-Fox zu Latin über Rock n’ Roll bis Boogie Woogie.

Nadine Zumbrunn

Interior Designer

Account Manager

Ich sehe mich als Geschichtenerzähler.

Die Kunden beauftragen mich, ihre Biografien zu schreiben, aber anstelle von Worten verwende ich Stoffe, Möbel, architektonische Elemente und natürlich persönliche Gegenstände.

Priska Bauer-Heeb

Interior Designer

Möbel sind meine Leidenschaft und der Umgang mit Design, Funktion, Farbe, Material und Oberflächen ist seit mehr als 25 Jahren Teil meines Berufes, den ich nicht missen möchte.

Office Zug bietet mir als Produkt Manager Digital Retail eine Aufgabe, in der ich all mein Wissen und meine Lust am «Möbeln» einbringen kann.


Head of Department

Die Faszination meiner Aufgabe liegt sowohl in der Vielfalt unserer Projekte als auch in derer unserer Kunden.

Verschiedenste Anforderungen, Ziele und Kulturen verlangen eine hohes Mass an Empathie und Kommunikation.

Der Zuspruch und die Zufriedenheit unserer Kunden ist die Belohnung für ein perfektes Team .